Digital Fibre Optic
A Fibre Optic Managed Broadband Service that includes high level of end-to-end security features based on a robust architecture designed to meet the needs of the enterprise customer.

Extensive Nationwide Coverage

With Mobitel Enterprises extensive digital Fibre-optic backbone infrastructure and extended Base Transceiver Station (BTS) coverage, Broadband over Fibre can be deployed in major parts of the Lagos Metropolis to serve the highest capacity requirements.


  • Direct & congestion-free connectivity to the global Internet
    Mobitel Enterprise Edition digital Fibre-optic provides multi-transit connections to the Internet. Bandwidth is guaranteed not just in our network but also up to the global Internet. Customers are assured of a quality, low-latency packet delivery service.
  • Secure Internet Connectivity
    Mobitel Enterprise Edition digital Fibre-optic broadband network utilizes comprehensive security measures, including a licensed frequency band and a leveled digital encryption standard technology, which encrypts and transmits data packets over the network in varying time frames. The Subscriber Module (SM) encryption and routed system architecture ensures that data is delivered directly to its appropriate recipient.
  • 24 x 7 Key Account Management
    Mobitel Enterprise Edition digital Fibre-optic provides round-the-clock Key Account Manager Support through its Network
  • 24 x7 x 36 Technical Support Engineers
    Our Field support engineers are likewise available on a 24x7 basis, to ensure that service outages are immediately resolved and kept at a minimum.
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