What is the Smart plan?

The smart plan is a service plan with a bandwidth of 512kpbs speed with 1GB and 2GB renewable data options for a validity period of 30 days.This plan can also be used to top up on exhaustion of allocated dataon any standard plan.

Who is eligible for the Smart/Top up plan?

Subscribers on any plan can top up their plan but only those who use the dongle are eligible for the smart plan.

Can existing subscribers migrate to Smart plan?

No. the smart plan is only available to subscribers who use the USB/Dongle device.

Is the plan based on your superfast Broadband internet powered by 4G Wimax technology?

The plan is powered by our enviable 4G Wimax Technology

Does the smart plan come with an unlimited data?

No. the smart plan comes with a 1GB or 3GB at N2,500 and N6,000 respectively and can be renewed with ease allowing the customer access to download as much as he/she desires.

Where can I purchase the new plan?

The new plan is available at all mobitel shops, dealer outlets, mega plaza Spar etc.

Exactly how much will a subscriber pay on the device if downgrading at the point of renewal

DeviceRegular Price (Naira)Price of Smart Plans (N)
Dongle 4,9994,999
Huawei indoor 7,99911,999
Tecom indoor 9,99914,999
Aura 14,999 19,999

What type of service does Mobitel provide?

Mobitel provides 4G Wimax enabled broad band internet service

How fast is mobitel internet service?

Mobitel internet service is a 4G Wimax technology internet that is 10 times faster than 3G internet service.

What is Mobitel Network Coverage area?

Mobitel network currently covers Lagos State but if in doubt of our signal strength in your area, please ask.

Is Mobitel service available in other parts of Nigeria?

Mobitel services are not currently available beyond Lagos but it is on our expansion plan to be in other major cities as soon as possible.

What does Mobitel service cost?

The cost of Mobitel internet service is made up of a one off device cost and a renewable monthly subscription cost as they both vary depending on equipment type and data plan.

What are the costs of Mobitel's devices?

Dongle This is a one user at a time plug in device in the form of a USB The dongle is a plug and play device that is very handy to carry in the pocket or on your person N4,999
Aura This is a stylish mobile hotspot that allows multiple users at the same time. This device connects up to 5 users at a time The Mobitel Aura is Wifi enabled N14,990
Indoor devices There are 2 types of Mobitel indoor devices and both allows multiple users of between 10 and 15 at the same time. The indoor devices also comes with 1 or 2 voice ports depending on the device type The indoor device is wifi enabled Price starts from N7,990
Outdoor device The outdoor units are mostly suitable for large office type environment and require a router to redistribute access within the office. Call 01 320 0104 Or Email: enterprise@mobitel.com.ng
Point to Point radio solution This involves a more specialized technical demand and suitable for larger corporations Call 01 320 0104 Or Email: enterprise@mobitel.com.ng for inspection and quote

What are Mobitel all day and night plans and data cost?

512 kbps (24/7)N6,0003 GB
1 mbps (24/7)N10,00010 GB
2 mbps(24/7)N20,00020 GB

Does Mobitel have students’ type pocket smart plans?

512 kpbs N1,5001GB
512 kpbs N6,0003 GB

Can I buy extra data if I used up my data before month end?

Yes you can as often time as you need to

Does Mobitel have more flexible plans?

Yes we do. We have evening plans only or evening and weekends plan – see below
Plan SpeedMonthly subscriptionData CapDevice
Evenings and weekends 1mbpsN6,0006GBDongle and Indoor only
Weekends only1mbpsN4,5004GBDongle and Indoor only

Does Mobitel have any special Cyber café plan?

Yes we do. The Cyber Café plan is specially designed for café businesses to enable them maximize profit but it is only available on 512 kpbsspeed except you opt for a higher speed with an unlimited data plan.
Plan SpeedCapPriceRemark
Plan 1 512 kpbs50 gbN25,000 -
Plan 2512 kpbsUnlimitedN80,000Subject to fair use

Does the cyber café plan exist on a higher speed?

No. but we can provide you a definitely unlimited plan on any desired speed.

Can I view my data usage?

Yes. See a step by step process on how to view your data use

How do I renew my subscription?

You can renew subscription through any of the Nigerian banks that are on the quick teller platform. Walk into such bank and give them your MAC ID and tell them the plan you want to pay for. You can also make payment at any of Mobitel’s several outlets throughout Lagos.

How can I resolve technical problems with my device?

We encourage you to call the customer care center as your first point and they will possibly resolve your matter or direct you correctly. That said, we do have technical engineers in our strategic shops throughout Lagos. Eg Adeola Odeku, Yaba, Ikeja, Sura, Balogun etc, tell our team your location and you will be directed to the one closer to you.

Do I have any unique Identification number when I call the customer care center?

Your unique ID is your MAC ID. You will see it on your dongle device or the bottom of your indoor device but you will need to remove the battery of your Aura to see it.

Why am I being taken to Mobitel FTS page?

Your browser will automatically take you to MOBITEL FTS web page when you have used up your available data or when your subscription expires. Don’t panic, all you need to do is to renew your subscription.

I have paid but I am not connected yet?

Don’t panic, this might be an unusual case, possibly you have not been activated, call our contact center with your payment details and it will be resolved asap.

How do I contact your customer care?

You can call our very friendly team on 01 3200323 or email us at customercare@mobitel.com.ng
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