Dedicated Broadband
Cost effective 4G wireless broadband solutions flexible, designed to meet the varying demands of every customer. With up to 30 times the bandwidth of conventional services, wireless networking from Mobitel Enterprise moves mission-critical corporate data across the enterprise faster and more economically.

Mobitel Enterprise Optical Wireless Broadband provides seamless connectivity while saving time, money and improving overall operating costs. It also ensures effective and rapid corporate-wide communication. Enhancing Business critical communications that require data and applications running through a highly secure communications network capable of protecting sensitive business information. Mobitel Enterprise Dedicated Broadband solution is robust, tried and tested technology. It boasts of dynamically routed looped and meshed network topology consisting of strategically located Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), interconnected by Telco grade high-speed radios and routers. Using a single, high-speed WiMAX network across the enterprise for voice, video and data saves time and money, enables collaborative working and ensures that colleagues stay connected.

At Mobitel, we are focused on making it easier for you to do business. Whether you’re looking to connect mobile workers or remote branch offices, offer new online services to customers, or simply to streamline internal administrative tasks, we’ve got the broadband solutions you need.

Key Benefits of our Enterprise Plans

  • MobitelEnterprise Edition enables businesses to boost productivity while controlling costs. The service is designed to meet the increasing demand for a reliable Internet service that can supportbandwidth-intensive, business-critical multi-media applications, either as their main or primary Internet circuit or as a back-up facility to their existing "wired" links.
  • "Always-on" & secure high-speed Internet access
  • Competitively priced packages with committed information rates (CIRs)
  • Valued added services such as static IP address
  • 24 x 7 Key Account Manager Support & Industry leading Service Level Agreement
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