Mobitel News Update

Mobitel launches “Spread the news & win” Network Marketing Campaign

From the 1st to 31st March 2012, Mobitel will reward all her customers for every new customer they bring to the network. This campaign which is aimed at appreciating our customers especially those who readily recommend our service to their friends and colleagues will see such customers winning and enjoying free airtime on their account. All that is required is that the new customer quotes the name and Mac address of the customer that recommended the service to them at the point of purchase. For every customer that quotes your name/Mac address at the point of purchase, you win an automatic 7 days free service while customers who enroll up to three new customers at once will win automatic one month free browsing time. The more friends and family you introduce to the network, the more airtime you accumulate and of course the more time you have to have fun and carry out your business on our fast and reliable 4G network. Hurry now. Start recommending and start accumulating free time. The offer is available at all Mobitel shops and outlets. For enquiries please call 01-3200323

Breaking News: Mobitel Launches Free device Promotion.

Mobitel Limited has announced a special Christmas promotional offer for customers and prospective customers on its network. Starting from the 1st of December 2011, you get a free 4G WiMax device on paying a bulk 3 months subscription on any of the plans including the flexible plans. The offer which will last until 31st of December will be available on the dongle and the Indoor unit and can be accessed from all Mobitel Shops and registered dealer outlets. With this special promo, Mobitel once again offers the residents of Lagos something to make the season special while delivering on her brand promise of being the best in customer experience in all aspects of telecommunications service delivery

BREAKING NEWS - Mobitel Doubles Data Cap

Mobitel is doubling its service plan data cap from 5GB to 10GB effective today 1st December, 2010. This new plan gives Mobitel one of the best value propositions for data services in Nigeria and emphasizes its position as the primary network for true broadband access in the country. The change applies to all existing and new customers on Mobitel’s ADSL and WiMAX networks. With this new data cap, Mobitel offers customers much more broadband experience for less, fulfilling the brand promise, of delivering the best customer experience as Africa's most successful 4G network!

NCC Grants Mobitel Wireless License

Nigeria’s Communications Commission awarded Mobitel Nigeria Ltd. a license that will enable it to provide wireless broadband services in the West African nation after the company challenged the cancellation of the permit. Mobitel was given a 20-megahertz slot in the 2.3 gigahertz frequency band to commence “immediate operations,” the commission said in an e-mailed statement today.